50 Best Tweets of All Time About List of Phone Number

If you’re looking for some funny, clever, and relatable tweets about phone numbers, then look no further! Here are 50 of the best tweets of all time about phone numbers that are sure to make you laugh or nod your head in agreement.

“I don’t answer calls from unknown numbers because I don’t have time for surprise quizzes.”

Why do phone numbers have seven digits

  1. “Why is it that every time I get a wrong number, it’s always someone who really needs to talk to someone?”
  2. “I just changed my voicemail message to ‘You’ve reached the wrong number.’ That way, I can avoid all those awkward phone calls.”
  3. “When someone gives me their phone number, I always say ‘Thank you. I’ll try to forget it as soon as possible.'”
  4. “The best thing about having a bad memory is that every wrong number is a potential new friend.”
  5. “I just got a call from an unknown number, and I didn’t answer. I’m not sure if I missed an important call or just avoided a telemarketer.”
  6. “I never realized how many people have the same phone number until I accidentally texted a group chat instead of my friend.”
  7. “The worst part about losing your phone is having to memorize all your friends’ phone numbers again.”
  8. “Why do people still leave voicemails? Just send a text.”
  9. “I hate when I accidentally call someone Database and they answer with ‘Who’s this?’ Like, you didn’t even check to see who was calling before answering?”
  10. “I wish there was a way to block all calls from people who don’t know how to leave a proper voicemail.”
  11. “If you don’t know my number, don’t call me. I don’t have time for games.”
  12. “When I see an unknown number calling me, I feel like I’m in an episode of Black Mirror.”
  13. “I never answer the phone when I’m in a bad mood because I know I’ll end up taking it out on the person on the other end.”

Why do people still have landlines


  1. “I hate when someone gives me their phone number, and then immediately calls me to make sure I saved it.”
  2. “My favorite thing to do when I’m bored is to call random phone numbers and see who answers.”
  3. “I hate when someone texts me ‘call me’ instead of just telling me what they want.”
  4. “I always wonder if the person who had my phone number before me was cool.”
  5. “I never answer the phone when I’m in the shower because I don’t want to slip and die while trying to answer it.”
  6. “I don’t understand why people still use voicemail. It’s like leaving a message in a bottle and hoping someone finds it.”
  7. “I never realized how important a phone number was until I started getting calls from debt collectors.”
  8. “I wish there was a way to block all calls from exes. Like, I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life.”
  9. “I hate when I accidentally call someone, and Canada email lead then they call me back immediately like it’s an emergency.”
  10. “Why do people still have flip phones? It’s like living in the Stone Age.”
  11. “I always feel like I’m in a spy movie when I have to change my phone number.”
  12. “I don’t know how people survived before caller ID. Like, did they just answer the phone blindly?”
  13. “I never answer the phone when.

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