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Drawing conclusions from this, you can find out what materials are best place and where to be most effective. 10 Heap is a great tool for observing what the client does on our website and in the tool. It provides interesting mathematical statistics on customer traffic, but also shows block diagrams of individual customer activities (clicks, visits to subpages, filling out forms) – it shows what happene next. Heap also illustrates sales funnels, which show in detail how many people were at each stage. The big advantage of this tool is that it records customer behavior automatically – it does not require any additional actions on our part. 11 In Intercom we have a database of our clients with whom we can easily establish contact – both when the client is on our website and in the application.

We can appear in such places

Thanks to this, we can immeiately respond to reporte problems. It also allows us to automate the delivery of general communications, such as an invitation to a whatsapp mobile number list webinar. Due to the fact that we have a database of all our clients there, Intercom is. We can upload an HTML creation there or write a text email, choose the right database, prepare test mailings, scheule mailings and, what is important, check the statistics of individual emails. 12 Statbot is a tool for analyzing the Intercom. It gives us a range of statistics on how our users interact with both the tool and the team. Such a set of auxiliary metrics allows us to assess.

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Online reputation and build

The traffic we have acquire and how we introduce customers to the product. Such data allows us to assess whether our marketing activities are Canada email lead heading in the right direction. 13 We use Brand24 in our activities in two ways. First, it helps us manage our an active audience. That’s because we find discussions that talk about us. and react appropriately – thank you, answer questions, etc. On the other hand, Brand24 allows us to find threads on the Internet that are crucial for our business.

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