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The brand, although it is an intangible entity create around the product, has the strongest impact on the market value of the company. Anyone and anywhere can produce, but few can build a strong brand. The brand is a psychological and sociological phenomenon. It is a set of associations, symbols and meanings that arise in the human mind. Like a drawer that fills up over time. The starting point for a brand is always a specific product or service offere. The life of every brand begins with this more or less physical entity. As they interact with the product and gather information about its features, a symbolic image is create in the minds of the recipients.

What They Think About His Composition

Will every product become a brand? Not every product available on the market will turn into a brand. For this to happen, the customer must believe that buying a specific product will bring him measurable benefits that will enrich or make his life database easier. A brand can develop its own personality. It makes the brand more distinct. There are brands expressive to such an extent that a kind of magnetism emanates from them. Good brands provide the company with high income and guarantee that this state will be maintaine in the long term.


Many People Will Give A Positive

Thus, they have a real financial value, which is the result of the perceive.  Value in the eyes of the consumer. It is the consumer who decides the fate and value of a given brand. The market value of a brand comes from its ability to create Canada email lead a unique, unique meaning in the minds of consumers. Brand value in the eyes of consumers depends on three factors: the importance of the satisfie nee in the personal hierarchy of importance of the consumer, the number of benefits offere by the brand at one time, the attractiveness of each benefit compare to competitors’ offerings. Mark We live in a world of great opportunities. The market is huge.

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