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Netflix Bold Banner Promoting Alpha Males

“Machos Alfa” is a new comedy from Netflix. Created by Laura Caballero and Alberto Caballero. The creators of “No One Lives Here” and “La que se cerca”. The series takes to the streets of Madrid in a series of bold canvases and pieces designed to capture the series’ satire about “alpha male” behavior.

The play is directed by Fernando Gillauertejon

Starring Gorka Otesoa and Fele the film tells the story of three 40-year-old men. Who are reluctant to lose their privileges in the face of social change. Alonso Martínez Square executive data could read words such as ‘In Reyes you deserve a gift. The gift we hang here’, ‘Very manly, very manly’, ‘Screaming’ Lololololo’ doesn’t count as expressing your feelings” and other messages.

Actor Gorka Otxoa shared the posters that make up the advertising campaign on his official Twitter account image, accompanied by a message: “I believe the advertising academy will be looking into the Netflix campaign,” the actor said. 


Alpha Male Netflix Series

Media platform on December 30 , follows Pedro, Luis, Raul and Canada Email Lead Santi, four lifelong friends in their 40s. Who lose their privileges as society changes and identity stories.

As the synopsis for Alpha Male on Netflix states. The four characters “try to adapt to the current society of female empowerment, but they feel very lost in it.

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