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How to build authority by using data

First of all, you must download the TikTok application on your. Therefore, mobile device. Then, create an advertiser account (if you don’t have one) in the TikTok for Business section . Once there, you must go to the. Therefore, TikTok Ads Manager and create an account. To do so, you must follow these steps:


Understand what brand authority means

Go to the main page of. Therefore, TikTok Ads Manager and fill out the fields with company data your phone number, email, and password. Then, click “Send Code” to receive your. Therefore, verification code. Also remember that you must accept the terms and conditions. To better understand the permissions, read the clauses carefully and stay aware of everything TikTok establishes within its policies.


Find out what data to use

In this step, you must. Therefore, complete the fields, the basic information of your Canada Email Lead business, among which are: the billing currency, the country/region in which it is located and the time zone. You must also. Therefore, enter the trade name of your company, which must be the same or closely related to the legal name, otherwise you may not pass the account verification stage.

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