Colonial launches its most ambitious office retail and housing project

This new Colonial project is the most ambitious and innovative in media and messages in the Real Estate sector. In this sense, Colonial has relied on smilebrand™ for the development and creative download of the campaign launch in print. Outdoor, video content, digital, social media and direct marketing media. The creative idea is focused on the differential tone both at the message and visual level. The protagonists of creativity are possible employees or residents of this megacomplex but in a very playful and attractive activity. With these images , the unusual combination of work. Leisure and personal territories is sought under a prism of modernity and entertainment.

The video content is focused on

A micro-documentary format in which professionals and managers narrate it in first person from the experience of the design and top industry data strategic approach of the space and social needs. The agency has worked in great detail on the Madnum launch campaign. Adapting each message and creative original to each medium. Medium and target typology, highlighting the differential value of the project. In addition, the campaign has been a milestone in the Real Estate category. Due to the investment in large audience media and the more B2C approach.

Madnum is under construction

Currently in a space of 90,000 square meters, as the first mixed-use campus in Spain and will be completed between 2023 and 2024. It has Canada Email Lead been designed by Estudio Lamela, prioritizing aspects of sustainability. Innovation and decarbonization.A sedentary lifestyle as such is not a disease. But it has been shown to affect millions of people and is the cause of many ailments and ailments. Therefore, it is important to make an effort to resume movement to feel good and take care of our body and mind. Although we know that abandoning a sedentary lifestyle is logical and easy to say.

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