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Differences between Seo On Page and Seo Off Page [Key Factors]

If you are starting out in this whole world of seo, you will have already heard somewhere, in some alley, perhaps in whispers, talking about seo on page and seo off page and you may not be very clear about what exactly it refers to and what differences there are between them. . Well, this is what this article is about, we are going to see the differences and the key factors, so that it is clear to you what it is and how it works. Ready? Let’s go to trouble article index [ hide ] main differences between seo on page and seo off page examples of on-page seo and off-page seo actions what is more effective to position my website, onpage seo or offpage seo?

On-page SEO

Main differences between seo on page and seo off page before starting, we must remember that seo (search engine optimization) means optimizing your company data page so that your content, services or products appear as high as possible when someone uses a search engine like google. Depending on the objectives of your project, you will be more interested in “appearing as high as possible” at a local, national or even international level and for that we begin to optimize and create strategies so that “google looks at us favorably” and precisely when we talked about where we can carry out these optimizations or strategies, we find the difference between on page and off page . On-page seo let’s start with the technical definition: seo on page are the optimizations or improvements that we make within our own website with the aim of improving its positioning in search engines.

Off Page SEO

That is, all those corrections and optimizations that we make to our website to make it more “attractive” in the eyes of google. This Canada Email Lead can include many things, such as: optimize page title tags (h1, h2, h3…) have the web architecture well optimized optimize images have a good loading speed have the sitemap and the robots.Txt file well done create friendly urls (short, without special characters, without years, with the keyword…) optimize snippets (seo title and meta description) analysis and optimization of user experience (ux) optimizing keywords at the search intent level seo content creation internal linking strategy and a wide etcetera, always being strategies and optimizations in order to improve our positioning by carrying them out within our website. 

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