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E-Commerce SEO Audit Driving Sales with Optimization

Don’t forget to check E-Commerce SEO that this internal link makes sense . By this I mean that the linked content must have some relationship. Not only to help the user quickly find what they are looking for. And facilitate navigation, but so that Google. Understands the web page and indexes it correctly. Finally, check the anchor text of the internal links to verify. That they are natural. Anchor text must meet at least these requirements. Be descriptive about the content you are linking to. Have semantic variety and not always repeat the same. Keywords To check it, we are going to turn to Screaming Frog again.

You can E-Commerce SEO also use this Excel to work on other aspects

Follow this route: Bulk Export – Links – All Anchor Text to category email list download an excel with all the information about the links on the web. links screaming frog So that you can focus on the information you need, leave only the “Source”, “Destination” and “Anchor” columns so you can see the link of each URL and the anchor text that is being used. Obviously, you can also use this Excel to work on other aspects of internal linking, but on this occasion we are going to use it to see the anchor text. You can now check if the anchor text is being repeated too much and in which cases you can modify it for a different keyword.

Not only to help the user quickly find what they are looking for and facilitate

In fact, it’s okay if you don’t use an exact Canada email lead word in a link, since. That makes the anchor text profile of the website more natural. We are now going to talk about the “Internal Pagerank”, which is represented in the table with a figure and a percentage. As you know, it is impossible to know what the real value of the internal authority of a page is (only Google knows this, although here I leave you an article so you know what it is and how to optimize it ) but the data offered by tools like DinoRANK or Screaming Frog serves so that we can have an idea about how it is distributed among the URLs of a website. With this, it is possible to distribute the link juice to the URLs you want to position.

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