Learn About the History of Electronic Commerce

All of us, or almost all of us, at some point have visited or bought something in an electronic store. Learn About  However, ecommerce did not appear out of nowhere. In this content, we have compiled the most important things about the history of electronic commerce , its evolution in Latin America and what the future of this sector promises. The beginnings of the history of electronic commerce go back to times you can’t even imagine. What you see today as a virtual store is the latest evolution of a long line of innovations and development.

Learn About Everything Was Born From Catalog Sales

Surely you didn’t imagine it, but the first step taken top people data for what we know today as ecommerce , on the planet, was catalog sales in the 20s and 30s of the 20th century in the United States. This business model broke with everything established, because it allowed consumers to order their favorite products without leaving home. Here the industry realized that the consumer wanted to buy, but with the convenience of avoiding going to a physical store and taking the products home with them.

The Real Beginning of Ecommerce

In 1960, a tool was invented that Canada Email Lead would change everything. The Electronic Data Interchange or EDI, a platform that made it easier for companies to transmit financial data electronically. Such as purchase orders and invoices. This stage was fundamental for catalog and. Telephone sales thanks to the emergence of telesales. Where, between television programs, they displayed product demonstrations and allowed consumers to call to order these products and pay for them with credit cards.

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