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Encourage people to document processes

Often when you create a culture of documentation, promotion happens Encourage people  internally. As processes are created and the company grows, employees displace themselves and climb the ladder to higher positions.  Ryan Deiss, Digital Marketer If you create a culture of documentation, employee promotions will happen internally, says ryandeiss. Click to Tweet Without solid documentation, trying to scale your content marketing can be confusing. Experienced content team members are the best people to document your work processes. Once they are promoted to a senior position, they can help clarify documentation and answer questions when new members join the team.

Create Encourage people a style guide

The purpose of a comprehensive style guide is to ensure industry email list  consistency across all content. It also gives writers something to refer to if they have questions. Kyra Kuik , Planday The purpose of a comprehensive style guide is to ensure consistency across all content, says KyraKuik. Click to Tweet There’s nothing worse than a disjointed voice tone that varies from platform to platform. A style guide is essential when expanding your content team and bringing in new writers. With a documented tone of voice, vocabulary list, and communication style, every content creator on your team can authentically represent your brand. This makes it easy to match the right skill set to the right project.

Look for diverse talent

The benefit of building a team of freelancers is that Canada Email Lead  you get a wide range of voices and content types, and this model is infinitely scalable. Benji Hyam, Grow and Convert benjihyam builds a team of freelancers to ensure he has access to a wide range of voices and types of content. Click to Tweet Writers do not have the same strengths and weaknesses. Some writers are great at creating highly technical blog posts, but struggle with scripting humorous animated explainer videos. Similarly, reaching out to influencers and having expert influencers come naturally to some content marketing team members, while others prefer to stick to content. The key is to have a diverse set of skills on your team so they can handle the full range of content marketing activities. In my experience, hiring freelancers for individual projects can be more helpful than hiring full-time staff.

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