Examples of an Interactive Journey

Sell-Side is a game-changing concept that surfaces valuable insights from the buyer’s interactive journey to the sales team. Learn how Ion uses Sell-Side to align marketing and sales with real-world examples. Discover how you can leverage Sell-Side to provide your sales team with the highest value data, and gain a competitive advantage.

Real-World Examples of Buyer Timelines

The days of reactive selling are over. Today, you can personalize your sales pitch by understanding the buyer’s behavior and journey better.
The Ws Database better you know your lead, the more personal you can make your sales approach.
Ion’s Sell-Side Experience gathers information about a potential buyer. It takes data from interactive content and creates a visual representation that tells a story.
Quizzes, calculators, and assessments give you details about the buyer. You can use the interactive journey data to personalize a sales pitch.
Ion collects data from pages of interactive content before bringing that information together in a visual format. It is a service that enables you to be proactive about your sales process using actionable buyer data.
Unlike analytics, Sell-Side creates an actual timeline of the buyer’s interactive touchpoints and enables the salesperson to instantly see what the buyer did.
It provides explicit data about the buyer’s needs, priorities, budgets, and capabilities. It is unprecedented for the sales team to have such high-quality data that can be acted upon.

Real-World Examples of Buyer Timelines

Since this Canada Emaillead is an entirely new concept, I thought I’d share real-world examples of how Ion uses Sell-Side to align marketing and sales.

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