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From new projects to unfinished business this is how the creative sector

September is coming and it’s time to take stock. With batteries recharged and nerves on edge, the advertising sector is preparing for a new course and at MarketingDirecto.com we wanted to look into the “classrooms” of the most prestigious creative agencies in the country to find out how they are experiencing the return to the Cole. How have the last few months been on a professional level? What trends will be strong in the near future? What pending issues does the sector have? We found answers to all these questions from renowned experts, who do not hide their desire to face new challenges while at the same time looking askance at the (not at all rosy) economic scenario that is coming.

Auxi Barea, director of Social Media & Content at La Despensa

Auxi Barea acknowledges that at La top industry data Despensa homework “has not been lacking in this course.” «It has been the year where normality has really returned, the volume of new business and work has increased. Clients’ desire to develop new projects freely without thinking about old limitations has returned . And that for an agency like us is very good news,” she admits. Thus, the agency has now set the goal of “working hand in hand” with clients to face the new economic scenario, “trusting in creativity and its transformative potential to overcome the obstacles that are yet to come.”

Pancho Cassis, Partner and Chief Creative Officer of DAVID

DAVID’s Chief Creative Officer Canada Email Lead jokes and says that the agency did “pretty well too” in the subject of Mathematics. «This year our business has grown 34% compared to 2021 , where we had already grown another 65%. And we are working hard to make these four remaining months of the year even better and more fertile. Although this year, DAVID has started working with new clients such as Coca Cola Europe or Netflix France , the agency does not stop looking to the future. Therefore, looking ahead to the coming year, he explains that they will strive to continue being part of society’s conversations.

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