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From the inbox through the website

Performance of various social networks follow these steps. We’re using the same report customizations we us above so we’ll have those same metrics: users sessions engagement rate conversion rates etc. Go to the Acquisition > Traffic acquisition report Click “Add filter +” so we can limit the data to just social mia traffic Select “First user default channel group” as the dimension Click “Select dimension values” and check the “Organic Social” box Click “Apply” ga4 report showing organic social Using the drop down above the first

Column change

The primary dimension from “Session default channel group” to “Session source” Now you’re looking at the relative performance of every social network that has sent traffic to your website. You may see rundant business lead things (several rows for the same network) and strange things (misattribut campaigns) but sift through the noise. social networks that convert report In the report above you can see that traffic from LinkIn is roughly twice as likely to convert as traffic from Twitter. Next steps/Action items: As with the analysis of default

Channel groups

Here we prescribe the same actions bas on each social network’s performance against your goals. If a social network has low traffic but high conversion rates get more active there. If a social network has high traffic but low  Canada email lead conversion rates accept it for its brand awareness support but don’t expect it to help the middle or bottom of your funnel. If a social network is high performance all around double down with greater investment. 8. Social Mia: Which of my articles performs best on social platforms? Analysis is always more

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