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Thinking differently and going further is what helps you improve the results of your online store

Thinking differently Following the advice of recognized e-commerce professionals does not guarantee you selling more. Trying things that no one has dared before is worth it. Obviously this also means failing more. Make it as smooth and fast as possible. The luck factor also has its weight in finding the right key. In the end it is like with everything in life. He who does not look for it, does not find it. Discover “tricks” that work and have the competitive advantage of being one of the first to exploit them. 

Create an arrow formation in your Google Adwords ads Thinking differently

Thinking differently Create an arrow formation in your Google Adwords ads : You might category email list never have thought of trying this. Well neither do I. The truth is that it seems to work for those people who have already tried it. A curious trick to increase the CTR of your text ads in Google Adwords 2. Use an orange button on your sales page : it doesn’t always have to be orange, even though it comes out as the winner in most studies. In all cases it is advisable to try several colors to see which one works best for you. 

Create content to reduce the Adwords CPC with a better Quality Score

Create content to reduce the Adwords CPC with Canada Email Lead a better Quality Score : the relevance of the content on the landing page is important for the calculation of the Quality Score and consequently the cost per click of your text ads. Creating content on a blog increases the amount of text that Google can crawl for you, giving you a better score.

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