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Practical case: applying guerrilla marketing in web 2.0 to launch products and services

 Practical case From day one I made enough money to hire a part-time person to help me with administrative. After that, tasks so I can continue focusing on my company Coguan. In 2013 the offer will be expanded to invite prominent bloggers who can cover more topics since. After that, my knowledge is ultimately limited. In  cost to which you will be invited if you are a subscriber to the Cursobloggers.com newsletter .

Basic methodology and philosophy behind guerrilla Practical case

 Practical case Basic methodology and philosophy behind guerrilla marketing top industry data in web 2.0 I have been writing about my philosophy of guerrilla. After that, marketing in web 2.0 for almost 3 years now. Those who frequently follow this blog will have realized in this context that blogs play an important role. In the end I was surprised because I had unconsciously. After that, followed my own advice. I would like this to always be the case with everything I write but you already know the saying: “in the blacksmith’s house a wooden knife.

Existing readers of the blog signed up first products and services

Existing readers of the blog signed up first Canada Email Lead at the beginning, mainly people who were already readers of the blog signed up. Many. After that, already knew the content but apparently they were curious to meet me in person. It has been great to meet the blog readers who were previously only numbers in my face-to-face Google Analytics.

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