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How to upload photos to Instagram from your computer

 How to post or upload a photo to Instagram from PC or Mac without downloading anything? A quick trick If you are one of those who does not understand too much using tools, below I will explain a method to be able to easily share a photo without having to download any application or external tools. The truth is that, in this method, we will really be in a certain way “tricking” Instagram , which will think that we are connecting to our profile from a smartphone and not from a computer.

Inspect element

Log in to your account from your computer Obviously, the first step will be to enter your personal or corporate account. To do this, access instagram.com from email contact list your favorite or regular browser (personally, I recommend Google Chrome). Enter Instagram 2. Use the “Inspect Element” command Once inside, you will access your wall, where you will be able to scroll through your profile and see the posts of all your contacts. However, this will not be our task, since once we have entered our profile, we will have to right-click anywhere on the page and select the ” Inspect element” option .

Mobile Phone symbol

If you prefer, in Windows you can Canada Email Lead also press the F12 key on your keyboard, which is the equivalent command to the one I mentioned. Now “Click on the Mobile Phone symbol” at the top right, so that the browser page looks like that of a mobile device. How to Upload Photos to Instagram from PC or Mac? 3. Refresh your screen In case you have never used this option, don’t be scared, because although it is designed for Web developers and programmers , we will get out of it right away. Once here, you can see your browser screen divided in two.

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