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Is Black Friday in danger with the transporters’ strike

One of the most important milestones for many consumers is almost here, Black Friday , warming up the engines or rather, stopping the engines? And the stoppage on the part of the road transport sector jeopardizes one of the most notable campaigns that predicted great results for the e-commerce sector. The lack of information, insecurity and concern on the part of customers will affect ecommerce this Black Friday. But experts from the Qapla` shipping platform predict an average growth of 8% for the months of November and December 2022 and January 2023, despite growing inflation and the threat of the economic crisis.

Is Black Friday in danger Omnichannel shopping

The data shows that Spaniards like to shop online and have incorporated special sales campaigns, such as Black Friday, into their purchasing category email list habits. In addition, purchases are increasingly omnichannel: Smartphones (80%) Social networks (70%) Consumers love the convenience of being able to shop from anywhere, anytime. In addition, many of them say that they take advantage of the Black Friday discounts to purchase Christmas gifts in advance. By virtue of this, the strike by the transport sector will make the campaign’s operation difficult and represents a headache for e-commerce and consumers. There is a great fear of lack of stock in products with greater demand, in addition to delays in delivering orders. During the last two years, Spain has topped the ranking of the European countries that had the most incidents in online commerce shipments. 

The WISMO phenomenon

This situation increases the phenomenon WISMO (“Where Is My Order?”), in Spanish “Where is my order?”. These e-commerce are Canada Email Lead forced to answer calls and messages from consumers with shipping incidents. It can cause customer services to become overwhelmed. Salesforce Statistics show that 8% of eCommerce customers prefer to receive notifications about the status of their orders , and these play a fundamental role in purchasing again. Qapla` allows support teams to work in a single dashboard to verify the tracking of all carriers (more than 160 supported) and intervene in real time on any issues that arise. Additionally, an automatic notification system via email, SMS or WhatsApp will inform recipients of any significant updates regarding the shipment of their order.

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