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Mobile SEO Audits Optimizing for the Mobile-First Era

After entering the URL of the Mobile SEO website in the tool, click Start and let it work. Once you’re done, select the Response Codes tab . Now, if you go to the filters, you will see that you can select. Those status codes that you are. Interested in seeing and export them to. Excel to manage them more easily. response code. What you need to do next is check the failing. URLs one by one and make decisions about how to fix it. If it needs fixing. My advice is that you pay special attention. To 404 errors, since Google does not like. It when a user reaches a URL that does not exist and that. Negatively affects their experience on that website.

URLs one by one Mobile SEO and make decisions about how to fix

For example, when faced with a URL top industry data with this error, you can do a 301 redirect to a post related to what was in that URL to direct the user to content of interest. If you carry out this redirection, you must make sure that there are no previous internal links pointing to that broken URL, and if so, you must change them so that they point to the new URL. View internal linking and authority flow The next step is to check the web architecture, that is, see how its URLs are linked internally .

Internal Linking and Internal Pagerank

It is directly related to navigation Canada email lead and web architecture. The person who comes to the web has to be able to find. The information they are looking for easily . In addition, the transmission of internal authority or link juice depends on internal linking , so to examine it we are going to use the Internal Linking and Internal Pagerank modules of DinoRANK . Not only do they show the information in a very clear and visual way, but they also interact with each other, allowing the data to be crossed in a very agile way. Let’s start with internal linking. In DinoRANK it is shown in the form of bunches of balls that symbolize the different groups of categories and contents. 

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