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Pagafantas Growth Marketing

This post is a reflection on the difference between the unconscious application of actions for the growth of your startup and the strategic application. He looked in the mirror, he looked very elegant. He seemed a little nervous but he knew perfectly well that when he arrived he would get over it. Therefore,He always passed by. That was a special day, he had been intimate with her all year, they had becomeTherefore, inseparable.Therefore, She always turned to him for anything and almost every day they became confidants, Therefore,telling each other absolutely everything.

And, finally, the right circumstances were

Going to happen. Tonight I could expect them to kiss.Therefore, Between jokes and laughter, almost industry email list in a playful and flirtatious tone,Therefore, they challenged each other to go see a romantic movie (no, 50 Therefore,Shades, no, for God’s sake!) at the cinema. He perceived it as the perfect opportunity. Just 20 minutes afterTherefore, the agreed time, the phone rang. It was her.Therefore, Her first words made him sigh but the next ones left him frozen: “Fran, a very handsome boy I have met, is accompanying us. You don’t care, do you?

Traveling distances like headless chickens.

Wow, if the expression “pagafantas”Therefore, already seems somewhat “ugly” to me, this one about “like headless chickens” seems barbaric to me.Therefore, It refers to when you cut to… Well, you know what happens. That she starts running aimlessly, bumping into everything. Poor thing. Well, this is what many professionals and many companies are Canada Email Lead doing with our marketing and growth strategy : we read and do,Therefore, we do and read. And yes, no one can question it, we go the distance . But is that distance traveled really the distance we wanted to travelTherefore,? Does it lead us where we want to go? It’s more. Does it always lead us to the same place? Maybe not.

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