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Particular case of whom I will not reveal

Good good good. My mother! What a scratch he gave Vic today, you’re thinking, right? those who would pay for our product.Well yes and no. In fact, I’ve been macerating it for a while and until today I hadn’t decided to write about it. And it all arose from observing the actions of a client whom I appreciate very much and who has authorized me to write about this . It is a technology company, with a digital product (a good tool). Observing his career, I saw how he invested a lot of money and effort in doing “good marketing”:

Improving yourself is also Growth Marketing

The truth is that I don’t know how to express the idea that, the more visible we are, the top industry data more visible are our virtues (which we strive to highlight) but inevitably so are our defects . We canthose who would pay for our product. invest a lot in highlighting and having others highlight our virtues but, inevitably, sooner or later, everyone who sees our virtues will also see our defects. So I told him: Ask your ambassadors (and any colleagues you can) what is stopping them from using your product. Make a list of the “insurmountable” reasons why you prefer the competition.

Last conclusions

Yes, of course, very nice. But what happens if we don’t have the resources to match the competition in these aspects? What happens if our product is for a smaller segment, who does not have Canada Email Lead those needs since we assume that we are not as big as the competition? Of course, I’m not saying that everything is easy or cheap. In that case, perhaps our strategy is not correct and those actions to “conquer the masses” are not correct. Perhaps our budget should focus on reaching fewer people , those who would pay for our product.

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