Podium Podcast co-produces the second season of the Cuidkers podcast

Cuidkers arrives strong and, after the success of the first season of the podcast. Premieres its new season also led by Toñi Moreno thanks to the co-production with Podium Podcast. Where you can listen to all the episodes. This new season, an original idea from the EFYA DIGITAL agency that premieres on November 24 , is made up of 6 episodes in which there will be guests of the stature of Tania Llasera. Bonbon Reich or the nurse and influencer Esther Gómez. Known in networks like @mienfermerafavorita. Each chapter addresses highly relevant topics such as eating disorders. Anxiety in children or the problem of social networks in adolescence.

Confessionary from mother to mother

In the first episode , Toñi Moreno and the influencer Bonbonreich (Raquel Martínez) talk closely about motherhood and Raquel’s experience industry email list as a “stepmother” of two teenagers and as a first-time mother of her biological daughter new born. The second episode “Games VS Screens. Together with Montse (known as “A teacher with class” ) talks about the problems of screens in the little ones. That are little by little replacing traditional games. In this episode Toñi tells us how she herself has occasionally. Fallen into leaving her daughter her tablet to keep her entertained. The third episode. “Early detection of eating disorders” .

Types of disorders and her perception

In it, Esther tells us about her experience with these as a school nurse. The great impact they have on both adolescents and her Canada Email Lead environment. Fourth episode, “Anxiety in children” Toñi and psychologist Alberto Soler reflect on anxiety and how it can affect the little ones. Fifth episode, Toñi and her friend and professional colleague. Tania Llasera , talk openly about motherhood and carry out a “Mother to Mother Confessionary” in which Toñi even hints at some of her upcoming projects. That she will carry out together with his daughter. In the sixth and last episode “How does the use of social networks. Influence adolescents? Cristina Cuadrillero talks about her experience on this topic as a psychologist and mother of two teenagers. Giving some tips on the responsible consumption of this type of platforms. That can be really dangerous if they are misused.

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