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Learn How to Fix the 20 Most Common Word Press Errors

in any case, WordPress is not free of errors that hinder the user experience of the service. Learn How The fact that it is open source meaning it has been developed by a large number of contributors contributes to making these defects more common. With this in mind, we have prepared this text to list the 20 most frequently occurring WordPress errors. For each topic we will indicate the best way to solve the problem. The overly alarming name is not accidental. The so called white screen of death is considered by many to be the most feared failure in the use of the platform.

Learn How Error Connecting to the Database

If you work with WordPress email leads and not another CMS. you’ve probably encountered this error hundreds of times. This is the most common problem on the platform, which can be caused simply by a crash on your database server . In that case, the only possible approach is to try to contact the server and wait for help. In other cases, however, the error can be resolved for you. Often, connection failure is the result of incorrect credentials. Therefore, verify that the username and password have been entered correctly.

Lost Administrator Password

You may feel a little embarrassed for forgetting Canada Email Lead something so important, but don’t worry, we’ve all been there. In some cases, password recovery can be a real headache, but in WordPress, the process shouldn’t be a problem. The simplest way is to click on the “ Forgot Password ” option, wait for a recovery email, and then create a new password. Another example that all Internet users know is Error 404 , which occurs when a page cannot be found. In many cases, the visitor has access to all areas of the website except one page. This, of course, detracts from the user experience.

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