Structure your team effectively

Before you start looking for writers, you need to create Structure your  an effective content strategy that will help you decide the type and number of writers you need to hire . It also helps you stay focused.” – Jill Phillips, Buildfire Before you start looking for writers, you need an effective #content strategy, says jillphhlps. Click to Tweet Creating a content marketing strategy isn’t just an extra exercise to kill time. Your strategy is the DNA of how your brand communicates with the outside world. It’s also the genetic code you need to build the best team to execute your strategy

Hire Structure your a skilled designer

A strong visual communicator is invaluable for top industry data  content marketing. Of course, you can use a variety of free tools to create graphics , but they are no substitute for a skilled graphic designer. Kristi Hines, CoSchedule A strong visual communicator is invaluable for #contentmarketing, says kikolani. Click to Tweet Writers may be the most basic members of your content team, but remember that of people are visual learners. Don’t neglect the importance of visual content creators. Facebook posts with images generate 2.3x more engagement than posts without images, while tweets with images generate more retweets than posts without images. It’s important that your team is able to create high-quality images that resonate with two-thirds of your audience.

Actively search for writers

The easiest way to find a good blogger is to scour marketing Canada Email Lead blogs. Your business may not be about marketing, but that doesn’t matter in this particular case. You can write about any topic because you can research anything on it.” – Neil Patel, Quicksprout The easiest way to find great bloggers is to scour marketing blogs, says neilpatel. Click to Tweet A skilled writer is often more valuable than someone who is well versed in a particular subject. So you can proactively search for potential authors from all types of content locations. Unless you’re producing highly technical content or content that requires deep domain knowledge, judge potential hires based on the quality of their portfolio, not what topics they’ve written about.

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