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On from SEO to email marketing. Now we’ll find out which of our email campaigns perform the best. The beauty of Google Analytics is that it goes beyond the standard email metrics. Your email service provider (ESP) will show you pre-click  metrics (deliverability open rates clickthrough rates). But you’ll ne to add campaign tracking code to those links and buttons to see post-click metrics (traffic engagement conversion rates). email engagement website engagement If you haven’t been adding campaign tracking code to your

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Is a new day for your marketing! Start using this URL builder to append those magical campaign parameters (mium source and campaign name) to every link and button to your website in every email. Here’s how. Now you’ll be able to see the behavior of the visitors that come to your website b2b leads from your email campaigns. Here’s the step-by-step process: Use a nice long date range so you can compare the performance of many campaigns. From the Acquisition > Traffic acquisition report click on the pencil icon in

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Customize the report. Click on the Metrics dropdown to select your metrics Select Sessions Engagement Rate Average engagement time per session and Conversions …or whichever metrics you like best. You can drag these to the top of the  Canada email lead list for easy analysis. If you don’t see the metric you want click the “Add metric” and search for it then select it. Click Apply traffic acquisition report in ga4 Save the customization. Again you can “Save to the current report” then click “BACK” in the top left to get back to the actual report. Next we’ll

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