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The growing number of negative mentions

Thanks to such notifications, you will quickly find out when someone mentions your company on a popular portal or social meia profile, or when the number of mentions significantly deviates from the norm. That’s why you always react on time. Keep your finger on the pulse Let’s assume that you check your project in Brand24 every morning. If something significant happens to the mentions you monitor after that time, you can easily miss it. But not with Storm Alerts! With this new feature: you will strengthen your campaigns – you will see when your marketing activities gain publicity and you will engage in engaging recipients intereste in your campaign.

Accordance with the percentage change

Will appear in the right places – you will find out when your company is mentione on influential social meia profiles or important websites and you Latest Mailing Database will make contact with discussion members you will prevent crises – you will immeiately learn about and put out the fire at the very  you will get to know the competition better – you will see when it gets loud around it; if the mentions are positive you will find out what he does well, if the mentions are negative you can turn it to your advantage.

Latest Mailing Database

Alert from us each time

How Storm Alert works You will receive a Storm your project has more mentions than usual or if they generate more coverage than expecte. What does it mean? Our algorithms analyze the current state of the project every 3 hours and compare it with the Canada email lead average generate base on historical data. Thanks to this, if the collecte data deviates from the norm in in the number of searche mentions or range selecte by you, you will receive an email notification. So you can get up to 8 notifications in 24 hours.

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