The Main Principles in Writing a Good

That way the scanner can read and feel the flow of the story by your sub-heading.

In other words, the sub-heading should give the reader a quick and easy guide to see what’s in your writing.

This makes your writing quite clear & easy to understand

How to Write a Catchy Sub-Headline?
Maybe you feel the above elements are too much to include in the sub-heading, especially if we have to produce a short sub-heading.

Therefore, try to include the most important elements first which are Useful and Unique.

Just like writing a headline, we want our sub-headings to benefit, attract and tease the reader’s attention.

It should also be descriptive explain about what we write

To avoid making mistakes, please read each Database paragraph carefully and ask yourself:
What is this paragraph about?
What is the most important thing in this section?
What do I want readers to get from this section?
Answering the above questions will help you write sub-headings that preview the section.

Now the reader knows what to expect and will be interested to continue reading.

How to Structure Sub-Titles in Your Articles?
Use Parallel Structure
Parallel structure is a pattern of words or phrases that are similar in nature.

It will make your readers understand more easily what you want to convey.

Sub-headings with a consistent grammatical structure are easier to remember and more attention-grabbing.
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In the example above you can see the sub-heading is consistently using words ending in


For example understand, recognize, identify and so on.

Relate the Sub-Title to the Main Title of the Article
When you get stuck writing sub-headings, try to link Canada email lead back to the main heading of your article so you stay on track.

For example, if you write an article titled Easy Ways to Save Money , your sub-headings should follow the order until they reach their goal ie saving money.

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