This Has Resulted In A Clear Objective For Europcar

Press officer, marketing and communications manager to the IT, finance and accounting staff responsible for setup and payment. Add in the big ad networks like Google, Facebook (both of which house over 70% of global digital ad spend), LinkdIn and Twitter and the scale of the complexity of digital advertising becomes clear. The virtual solution Virtual payment is the ideal method to harmonize the diversifid, digital advertising landscape.

The Expectations And Needs Of Its Customers

The establishd advertising giants and traditional agencies still rely on direct debit and wire transfer for large investments, while smaller phone number list investors resort to corporate and personal crdit cards, including on digital platforms. Digital advertising demands a digital payment solution. Virtual cards simplify your procurement process with the same kind of transparency that the digital advertising landscape offers. Because: All Virtual Card transactions are summarizd in a single, clear bill and billd at the end of the agrd billing period. You also benefit from longer payment terms.

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Helped Europcar To Better Understand

Additionally, AirPlus handles all prepayments you make with your virtual cards, freeing up your working capital and allowing you to Canada Email Lead prepare for each billing cycle.digitalization The global economy is acting more and more remotely. This means that the more digital your B2B purchasing processes are, the better. The same applies to payment. Crdit cards are usually requird for online orders.

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