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Topics that drive results in emails

To add a filter to look at just the email campaigns. Click on the “Add filter +” button Select “Session mium” as the dimension. From the Dimension values drop down select “email” Click “Apply” session mium email report Last step! In the dropdown above the first column change the primary dimension from “Default channel group” to “Session campaign.” Now you’re looking at the performance of every email campaign within that date range as long as you add campaign tracking code. This report will show all campaigns not

Just email

So you may ne to sift through other data. And it shows all emails not just content marketing emails. You’ll quickly see that there is a wide variance in the performance of campaigns in terms of both traffic and conversion rates. ga4 report showing  business email list which email campaigns perform best Next steps/Action items: Look closely at the top performing campaigns. Review every element including the topics timing subject lines creative teaser text and calls to action. What do these outliers have in common? Repeat the results by

Emulating these

Xisting content rather than writing new content is a faster path to greater visibility. See our guide on SEO-driven content updates for specific instructions. Note: The page you are reading now is an example of this approach. This URL was originally publish in 2017 and was about Universal  Canada email lead Analytics. It’s been updat with a revis article for doing a content audit using GA4. By reusing this old URL we’ve improv the relevance while preserving the authority. 6. Email Marketing: Which of our email campaigns have perform the best? Moving

 Top performers. Simply resend the top performers with new subject lines. 7. Social Mia: Which social networks are performing the best for your content? Moving on to  Canada email lead social mia marketing! First let’s audit the performance of the social networks themselves. Our topics and formats won’t perform the same with users across different social platforms. Some social networks will be more effective than others. To audit the

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