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Video topics that viewers engage

Paid SEO tools are better for this because they show both the number of websites (quantify) but also the authority of each of those websites (quality) which is a key ingrient in the authority of your pages. A link from MySpace and a link from the New York Times aren’t the same. See our complete guide on keyphrase research for details. But for this audit we’ll stick with the free tool Google Search Console. Go to the Links report Under External links click on “More” search console report showing which pages have been link to the

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 Your content marketing articles click on the filter icon then enter “blog” or the name of the directory in which your articles are post. Sort by linking sites. search console report b2b email list with the pages that have the most ranking portential Next steps/Action items: The idea is to prioritize these URLs while doing SEO. First check the current rankings for these URLs If it already ranks for something sharpen the focus on those target phrases. If it doesn’t rank for much recycle that URL by rewriting the article completely giving it a new keyphrase

Focus Updating

Xisting content rather than writing new content is a faster path to greater visibility. See our guide on SEO-driven content updates for specific instructions. Note: The page you are reading now is an example of this approach. This URL was originally publish in 2017 and was about Universal  Canada email lead Analytics. It’s been updat with a revis article for doing a content audit using GA4. By reusing this old URL we’ve improv the relevance while preserving the authority. 6. Email Marketing: Which of our email campaigns have perform the best? Moving

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