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Snapchat for Business: How to Get Started Download the Snapchat app. Click “Sign Up” to create a new account. Sign-in and sign-up screens when downloading Snapchat. Give your account a name (we recommend treating your business as a person so any future employees or team members can access it). Add your business name to create a Snapchat account. Select your company’s birthday (Snapchat users must be at least 13 years old, so use your company’s actual birthday if over 13, otherwise use another significant date). Choose your Snapchat username (you can’t change your username after you create your account, so make sure you pick something that matches your business). Choose a password (don’t use personal passwords here.

You may have multiple team members

Logged into the same account). Link your accounts (Snapchat requires users to link their accounts to a mobile phone number or email address. set up specifically for social accounts). Link your Snapchat account with a mobile phone number or email address. Make sure you’re not a robot, and let’s get started! Get Started with Snapchat Latest Mailing Database Business Manager Snapchat’s Business Manager feature works for brands around the world. You can set up Snapchat ads, get deeper analytics insights, and unlock new marketing features To get started, you’ll need a regular Snapchat account (follow the handy steps above). You can then set up a Snapchat business account. Sign in to your Snapchat account with your usual username and password.

Enter your business name and business

Latest Mailing Database

Your country and the currency you want to use.  Set up a Snapchat business account. Develop and Execute. Your Snapchat Marketing. Strategy Snapchat is great. for growing your community and connecting with a younger audience on a deeper level. Consider how Canada email lead you will use the platform to achieve your overall business goals, whether it is increasing engagement. Increasing website traffic, or increasing brand awareness. First, create a top-level Snapchat marketing strategy that focuses on: Your target audience. To take it a step further, think about who you want to reach at that age.

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