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What is a Newsletter, how to make it and 20 Email Marketing tricks

What is a Newsletter, how to make it and 20 Email Marketing tricks. The newsletter continues to be one of the most effective tools in Online Marketing. Do you want to know how to do it so that it really works? In this post I tell you how to do it step by step, and I recommend the 7 best tools. You will also find 20 Email Marketing tricks with which you will get the perfect newsletter

What is a newsletter

What is a newsletter. A newsletter is an informative email that a company, brand or blog sends via email. Its content may vary, but it is usually composed of relevant information such as offers, new product launches, compilation of latest posts, etc. It is aimed at people who have previously subscribed to a list, they are called subscribers . This is the most important email contact list part since this database is very valuable for companies. The frequency with which a newsletter is sent can vary depending on the strategy we choose, it can be daily, weekly, monthly.

The disadvantages of using a newsletter

The disadvantages of using a newsletter. For your lists to increase you need users to subscribe. It is complicated, so you will have to try to make the subscription box. Therefore, you place on your website or blog attractive and with a compelling message . Once you send the newsletter, the user must open it. Therefore. which is another of the main inconveniences that we are going to Canada Email Lead encounter. Normally the open rate does not exceed 20%, so don’t be scared when you review the reports. To try to improve this rate. Therefore, it is essential that the subject of the email is interesting and leaves the user wanting to know more .

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