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What is Cross Selling and how does this commercial

What is Cross Selling and what is it for? Cross Selling. which could be literally translated into Spanish as “cross-selling”. Is a Marketing technique that focuses mainly on taking advantage of those customers who have already made a purchase or are currently making one. To achieve this. ellers must seize the moment and encourage customers to purchase additional products . If successful, the latter will walk away with one or more additional products to the one they originally intended to purchase. Generating more profits for the business. » It is not selling “for the sake of selling” Yes. 

Cross Selling

But it is important to highlight that. Although the intention is to sell more by offering other products. The seller must job function email list always take the customer and their experience into consideration during the purchasing process. Therefore. We can affirm that it is not just about selling for the sake of selling. You must do it well and without upsetting your client.  What is  Or there could be negative consequences. The first thing you should think about is whether what you are going to offer provides something of real value to the consumer , that is, if they might really like it or if they might need it at some point. It is at that point where you as a seller should apply Cross-Selling. 

sake of selling

This is possible if we take into Canada Email Lead account complementary products. Those that complement or are necessary for the product that the customer originally plans to buy. You may also be interested in reading. What is Cross Selling and Up Selling. » Examples of cross-selling An example of a complementary product could be memory cards. Which are necessary to increase the storage space What is of mobile phones and to be able to use professional cameras. So you could suggest them during the purchasing process.

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