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In marketing activities, it is important to be able to distinguish both concepts, but also to conduct activities in such a way as to maintain consistency between the image and brand identity. This is extremely important because, as Karolina Janiszewska writes in the book The Strategic Importance of Consumer Research in Creating Brand IdentityBrand identity is the main tool use to create the image. The organization presents its brand by sending messages to potential consumers. What resounds in them is the identity of the brand.

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In the context of messages, Janiszewska understands “all kinds of activities relate to or carrie out by the brand, through which its values, strategies and goals are define. Brand identity sends identical messages to its consumers, but their perception may be different. Depending on how they are receive, the image of the brand is create.” How to build a brand phone number list identity? Building a brand identity is a long, demanding process. The identity of a given brand depends to a large extent on how the environment will perceive it. The desire result is a situation in which the image of the brand is very close to its identity. That’s why it’s important to take identity creation seriously.

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Thanks to it, the target group will get to know the company, will be able to identify with it – and this is the key to success on the market! The first step in building a brand identity is to define its purpose. What does the brand look like? In what Canada email lead direction to develop? What values ​​will it convey? The goal should be consistent and clearly define. Can profit be the goal? By itself, no. Profit is a side effect of achieving the goal. The goal should be base on some value. On something that will affect the emotions of recipients – the goal of a brand dealing in the production of sweets may be to provide customers with a moment of pleasure.

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