Yolanda Díaz does not give up and meets with distribution and consumer

The controversy surrounding Yolanda Díaz’s proposal continues . After organizing a meeting with Carrefour last Thursday. The Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz. Met this Monday with the associations of the distribution sector (ASEDAS, ACES and ANGED) and those of consumers in order to propose the creation of a shopping basket with basic products and a fixed price. A proposal that the minister launched last week and generated a great stir. The head of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. Alberto Garzón , was also present at the meeting, and pointed out: “When we talk about families’ pockets.

Carrefour is committed to creating a basic basket

Carrefour has so far been the only category email list supermarket that has shown itself open to dialogue with the Government. Its executive director in Spain. Alexandre de Palmas, held a meeting last Thursday with ministers Díaz and Garzón to explain his initiative. This distribution chain has already frozen the prices of 100 daily use products in France for 100 days (from August of this year to November) so that families do not suffocate with inflation. According to the newspaper El Mundo. Chains such as Alcampo or Dia do not evaluate Carrefour’s measure. But insist that they have been offering “economic solutions for customers for a long time.”

Merchants, upset and worried about local businesses

Small businesses have not been satisfied Canada Email Lead either. The Spanish Confederation of Commerce (CEC) has expressed in a statement its “absolute rejection and discomfort” at Yolanda Díaz’s proposal on the shopping basket. “This initiative would directly attack local commerce by exerting an effect on consumers to buy from large chains,” she stated. «We are above all family businesses so we know first-hand of the difficult situation that many Spanish households are going through. Which is why we have been reducing margins and containing prices for months. But the solution to help the consumer (the purpose for which we We are totally committed) in no case should it.

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