10 Different Ad Strategies with Remarketing and Retargeting

10 Different Ad Strategies with Remarketing and Retargeting. When carrying out online advertising campaigns, whether using Google AdWords, Facebook Ads or any other platform, remarketing has become one of the best strategies to achieve conversions. Mainly because we can reach users who we know are interested in our product or service, either because they have previously been on our website, or because they meet a series of characteristics that we have previously defined. Let me explain it to you with a real example that I’m sure you understand perfectly.

Advantages of remarketing campaigns

Advantages of remarketing campaigns The benefits of this advertising strategy are many. Therefore, although we could mainly job function email list summarize them in 4. We increase the CTR. By carrying out advertising campaigns to people who already know us, we will obtain a greater number of clicks in relation to our impressions. Therefore, which will increase the CTR of our ads. They have a lower cost. Depending on the network where it is going to be carried out, the costs may be lower. since we are addressing people and not specific web pages. We improve ROI. Because costs are usually lower and remarketing advertising campaigns are very effective, the return on investment increases compared to conventional advertising campaigns.

How to start a remarketing campaign

How to start a remarketing campaign. Depending on the advertising platform we use, the operation may vary slightly. However, the process is usually similar in all of them. To illustrate the process. Therefore, we are going to take as a reference how it would be done in Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. 10 Different Ad Strategies with Remarketing and Retargeting. In Google AdWords. Therefore, the easiest way is through Google Analytics by following these steps. Therefore, Link Canada Email Lead Google Analytics with Google AdWords. Go to Google AdWords and when running your campaign, choose the remarketing list you created under Audiences.

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