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You adapt your brand to new trends (demands) or you stay behind… How many times have you heard this about adapt or die , in recent years? I have heard it many times for both commercial brands and personal brands. And today I want to talk a little about this topic according to my perception (experience) and I would like to know yours about this topic. It will be a different post, but I think it will make us reflect on such a delicate topic… There is a lot of talk that if people adapt to cultural changes, brands should too.

The truth is that

I partly agree with this idea (don’t think that I have been stopped in time hahaha), but on the other hand lately I have seen actions of (personal and commercial brands) that have left me thinking a lot about this topic and I’m starting to have my doubts about it. Could it really be so important for a brand to adapt to new demands, to the point of forgetting the purpose, identity or style that has made it stand out? These doubts began to appear more this year, when I began to see some friends change their personal brand strategy to adapt more to what the global audience asks for. And this weekend when I attended a music festival where two of my favorite bands were going to play, these doubts became something I feared…

Change is not always

The most correct option! What good does it do me to spend. Years trying to create a value proposition focused on values ​​and. My own style, if one day I change everything to look like everyone else? Where is my authenticity? This is what I felt during this weekend, and what I experienced was not just me. A brand (rock band) that has been one of the most successful. Metal bands of the last two decades, has shown its musical evolution from rock to a more pop style. And the truth is that the experience has been quite disappointing for the almost 30,000 fans who were there (there are always those geeks who applaud everything a brand does, whether it is good or not).

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