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Therefore, Would you like to advertise on Twitter and have no idea how to start? Or How to create an ad campaign from scratch? In this complete guide to Twitter Ads 2017 I am going to explain how to use advertising on Twitter and the steps to take to create your campaigns from scratch. A valuable and useful article for beginners in Twitter Ads and social networks. I didn’t want to go on vacation without writing content that you can practice with on your summer vacation, that’s why I decided on this basic but essential guide when it comes to getting more out of Twitter.

The reason for

Therefore, this guide, apart from the one mentioned, is because I have searched Google for Twitter Ads guides in 2017 and the truth is that I have barely found any, and things have changed since 2016, so it seemed like a good reason to create this post . In this Guide I will talk about a fundamental tool to master Twitter like a true professional. We will see how to start using the Twitter advertising platform , how to create an ad campaign with Twitter Ads, tips and tricks for your ads, and common mistakes that we should avoid in Twitter campaigns. This promotion system serves to increase interactions (retweets, favorites, comments, etc.) and reach a segmented audience that does not follow our account and thereby increase the visibility and reach of the tweet.

Promoted Video Views

Type of advertising to get more views on our videos. Recognition With the Objective Recognition campaign, you. Will reach more customers and make them know your brand better. You set a bid amount per 1,000 impressions (CPM), and. The campaign is optimized for unique reach, which should give you. Greater reach for your campaigns with the same budget, targeting, and creatives. Website Clicks or Conversions This type of ad serves. To increase visits to our website and thereby increase sales, registrations or other types of conversions.

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