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How did you do that Continuously work on the three pillars of an SEO strategy, which we define as: Website optimization (speed, mobile operation, appropriate coding); Content production (everything we’ve discussed so far); Gaining backlinks (on other websites to get a link to your website). In other words, if you look at the three pillars above, you’ll see that content marketing is one of them. But only one of them. As we saw in the previous topic, one of the main goals of content production is to generate traffic.

This naturally happens through organic

This naturally happens through organic search. In short, you understand your audience, define search intent, create text, and place it on your website. What to expect from this? Your text will rank on Google. on the first page. It will generate thousands of visits. This will be? Is it really possible for your content  new database  to return you that much by committing to only one of these SEO pillars and ignoring the others? When are your competitors likely to consider all three? So, I believe the conclusion is obvious: content marketing is not SEO.

The rise of Content Marketing

But this is crucial for SEO. So if your company is going to consider investing in content   marketing, consider SEO first. Otherwise, it won’t work. Because it doesn’t Canada email lead  work? Conceptually, the whole thing is perfect. Be empathetic, talk about people’s   problems and help solve them. It all makes sense. But this alone is of no use. And, believe me, we’re seeing a lot of companies here investing in content for years with no results. Simply creating text, images, and videos and placing them. 

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