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Attract new customers to try your discounts

Award for : easiest cta 40. Internal design of invision invisionapp newsletter examples – inside design by invision we admit that we are fanatics of great copies. And that.S why it.S so fun and refreshing to receive this newsletter from invision app. A design-focus application that knows how to write good copy. An example: check out these great articles that. Instead of asking you to “Read more”. Entice you to “Bring hand sanitizer” and innovate “Eight days a week”. Award for : fun secondary ctas 41. Litmus litmusapp great examples of newsletters-litmus much of what you read will tell you to only ever have one call to action. Of course.

Which shows you how to use multiple

You ne this when you have a super specific goal Africa Email List But with newsletters. Your goal is often to provide interesting information to your readers. You want clicks. But you don.T care what they click. Enter this example from litmus. Which shows you how to use multiple specific ctas (“learn the terminology”) to direct readers to what will benefit them the most. Award for : use of multiple ctas 42. Modcloth modcloth great examples of newsletters-modcloth screenshot from the daily egg calls-to-action may not always be amazing . But hell.

A marketing survey!

africa email list

Sometimes they can be. Since getting your readers to open your email is only half the battle. Companies like modcloth go a step further to  Canada email lead  make an offer that.S hard to refuse: who doesn.T want to take a style quiz. To discover their personal tastes and the most complementary styles? (this is also an excellent example of presenting information – essentially. A marketing survey! – in a way that resonates with your customers.) award for : cta not to be miss 43. The north face thenorthface newsletter examples-the north face screenshot of aweber north face does a great job with color placement.

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