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Plus, there are plenty of options for customizing and editing slides for different opportunities.
The downside is slide decks aren’t available publicly, which means a customer would need to contact you directly in order to see examples of your work. If you’re just starting out, you might not have enough inbound leads to support this format. You can avoid this issue by hosting your deck live through google slides, caneva, or other hosting platforms.
If you do decide to create a slide deck, keep these tips in mind. Use a simple design that’s easy to scroll through. Be careful not to overload your slides with too much information.

Social Media Profile

Keep multiple copies of your deck a live link, pdf, and powerpoint is a good start. If hosting the deck live, make sure to choose a reliable hosting platform. Use links in the deck to business database direct readers to relevant social media profiles and websites. Include your contact information at the end of the deck.
A website is a great way to create a public-facing, and searchable, portfolio of your social media work. It’s also the most versatile option, as you can customize it to look exactly how you want, and include a range of pages, media, and easy-to-use contact forms.

Social Media Portfolio Examples

Website homepage for social media strategist in toronto. The downside of a portfolio site is that they are more complex to create. Luckily, there are many user-friendly website builders to get you started, such as wix and squarespace.
Choose an eye-catching template that matches the tone of your work. Include images and screenshots of your best campaigns. Optimize the website for mobile devices. Follow seo Canada email lead best practices. Create an easy-to-use contact form. Prioritize accessibility and inclusive design practices. Portfolio section of social media manager website showing three recent projects
a document or pdf portfolio is an ideal choice for those seeking an easier way to showcase their work. Pdfs have the benefit of being easy to read and share.

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