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Companies and those who do e-commerce

Companies and those who do e-commerce. It is clear. In fact. That this is an extremely profitable period for those who do marketing and want to develop their online business. It is no coincidence that facebook has already present its 2021 christmas marketing guide : a document full of analyzes and advice to put into practice to increase your sales.

We must start from a consideration

First of all. We must start from a consideration: these holidays will be characteriz by the desire to experience special data modern shopping experiences that reflect people’s timeless nes. It should also be taken into account that sales days . Precing christmas. Are acquiring more and more popularity: we are talking about events such as cyber ​​monday . Black friday or singles’ day . Events that create expectation. Curiosity and enthusiasm.

Around the world. Sales days such as black friday

Around the world. Sales days such as black friday. Singles day or prime day cover a period from july to Canada Email Lead december. Extending shoppers’ anticipation well beyond the duration of the traditional christmas period. As many as 6 out of 10 people who buy during the holidays buy during sales days.The facebook study highlights how 8 out of 10 respondents who purchas during global sales days said that these events make them ” feel part of a community

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