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Empleados De Pymes Ha Adquirido Nuevas Habilidades

 Mate, micro influencers who talk about travel and tourism work very well for them. And of course, large influencers, with a large number of followers, is ideal.  Empleados De  This combination, indicates the communications director of Room Mate, “will bring a good return to the brand and will end up converting into sales, which in the end, what the communications and marketing directors want is to make the brand known or generate sales.” NEW REGULATION IN INFLUENCER MARKETING This increase in their activity

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the siege by the authorities. In this way, the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC) has proposed including influencers in the General Law of Audiovisual Communication. In its argument, the competent body explains that “the consolidation of these new agents that operate on the Internet requires an updated legal framework that allows achieving a balance between access to online content services, consumer protection and competition.” , although it does not specify what legal requirements  Business Lead will have the definition of the figure of the influencer, something that always generates conflict.

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Information Society Services, which states that “commercial communications made electronically must be clearly identifiable as such and the natural or legal person on whose behalf they are made must also be identified.” In the case of opinion leaders,   fines of up to 30,000 euros are contemplat but their followers have no information about it. Another point that could be pursu is the purchase of followers, which could become an act of unfair competition, showing levels of

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