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It showcases your experience with various platforms and creative strategies to demonstrate that you’re an expert in the field.
Think of it like an informal resume, or part of your pitch process to a brand or client. It’s also a chance to get visual, creative, and stylistic, and make an impactful statement about who you are and what you can do.
Why should you make a social media portfolio? Creating a social media portfolio is a great way to show what sets you apart from other professionals. You want to stand out among the competition and give potential employers insight into your work ethic and skill set.

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It’s also a great way to showcase your capabilities with various social media platforms. Social media portfolios should include examples of campaigns you’ve managed, along with real-world metrics that show the success of these efforts. This helps demonstrate your ability to dream up creative strategies and ideas for your clients.
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Social media portfolios are b2b leads essential for anyone looking to get hired or acquire new clients as a social media professional. Make sure yours is full of your best work, most impressive accomplishments, and clear reporting that shows the impact of your campaigns.

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Here’s what you should include in your social media marketing portfolio. Your social media manager portfolio should provide a brief overview of your education and experience in the field. It’s also important to showcase any certifications or training you may have received that are relevant to social media management.
How you style this section is Canada email lead up to you. Some people prefer a more stylistic approach and include images or videos to introduce themselves. Others prefer a more traditional resume-style format listing their education, work experience, skills, and specialties.
Purple and white simple about page in social media portfolio. Get as creative or professional as you want in this section,

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