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The end result: teavana doesn.T feel like a big company. But rather your best friend. Sending you a few funny jokes when you ne a good laugh. Award for : lightheart puns 34. Uncommongoods uncommongoods great examples of newsletters-uncommongoods screenshot from the daily egg there.S nothing like real-world testimonials to convince Hang your offering interest parties to buy with you. Bottom line: they work. So why not make the best use of them? Uncommongoods does this well in its newsletter. Which features them. Seasonal. And other relat products.

Personaliz content works really

Each pair with a real (and. Of course. Shiny) testimonial. Bonus points for pairing with the universally recogniz star system. Award for : testimonial  Asia email list placement 35. Yelp yelp yelp newsletter examples screenshot from the daily egg lists do really well in email newsletters. Personaliz content works really well in newsletters. Now. Enter custom lists. Courtesy of yelp. Not only is this content hyper-relevant to users. But it is present in one of subscribers. Favorite formats.

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Even if you don.T know your subscribers as well as yelp. You can segment them – ask them to self-identify when they sign up – so you can   Canada email lead  personalize them. At least a little. And then. Make a list! Award for : custom lists 36. Zapier zapier newsletter examples – zapier we.Ve all experienc it: you read an interesting topic. Think “Yes! I want to know that!”. Open the email. And then. For the life of you. Can.T find the article you were promis. Enter zapier. Whose newsletter does exactly the opposite: they deliver what they promis.

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