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Interesting when you drill down to the next level. Let’s look at the performance of each article within social mia channels. Because we’re looking at specific pages we’ll use the Engagement > Pages and screens report. Click the “Add Filter +” so we can see just the social traffic Set the Dimension to “Session mium” Set the Dimension value to “social” Click “OK” session mium filter for social Type “blog” into the search box to see just the URLs from that directory. report showing blog posts that have the most engagement from social

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Articles did much better in social mia than others. It’s immiately clear that articles with lots of visuals did the best in social mia. Next steps/Action items: Analyze the top performers looking closely at the business database headlines formatting and visuals. What do they have in common? Produce more content with these same attributes for social mia promotion For the articles with the highest engagement levels keep them in heavy social rotation 9. Where did this article perform best? To see the traction any article gets from every traffic source you don’t

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Xisting content rather than writing new content is a faster path to greater visibility. See our guide on SEO-driven content updates for specific instructions. Note: The page you are reading now is an example of this approach. This URL was originally publish in 2017 and was about Universal  Canada email lead Analytics. It’s been updat with a revis article for doing a content audit using GA4. By reusing this old URL we’ve improv the relevance while preserving the authority. 6. Email Marketing: Which of our email campaigns have perform the best? Moving

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