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The reading materials provided by Dicoding make it very easy for me to learn. Comfortable. To deepen his Android skills so that he can one day find a stable job. In addition to being diligent, Allen also has a strong interest in reading. Every time Alan receives the Dicoding newsletter in his email, he reads it from cover to cover. This habit made Alan aware of the opportunities offered.  By the DTS PROA Android program, which he subsequently . Announced in a newsletter. Seeing that the research project . Run in partnership with Kominfo and Google, was free, Alan didn’t want to waste the opportunity.

More importantly Alan is determined

How artificial intelligence works and its types Maybe you’re already familiar with the term “artificial intelligence” or “artificial intelligence.” Recently, searches for the term have been getting bigger and bigger until we checked SEMRUSH with 5,400 searches per month, and more people are interested in how artificial intelligence works. Wow, it seems like Indonesians are starting to become tech-savvy and don’t want to be left behind, haha. Before ws number list we discuss how artificial intelligence works. We first need to know, what is artificial intelligence? As we discussed before, artificial intelligence (AI) is a simulation of human intelligence that is modeled on machines and programmed to mimic human behavior. This concept can also be applied to the capabilities of machines that exhibit characteristics associated with intelligence, such as learning and problem solving.

program is excellent because

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I can get expensive knowledge for free. Also, I have never found online learning materials as good and complete as Dicoding. The materials taught by Dicoding are always updated, even now, in my It’s the same thing when I look back at the courses I took after graduation. There’s always new material in there.” As a result, Alan felt the impact of those 10 weeks of hard work after Canada Email Lead graduating from DTS PROA Android. His short-term plan to find a job is one step closer. Alan is not alone, he is one of more than 1,200 DTS PROA support recipients who have benefited from this scholarship (data as of end of May 2021).

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