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To increase your number of leads and multiply your sales with Digital Marketing , you will have to learn how to create a landing page at some point! But what is a “landing page”? We can think of a landing page as a highly optimiz page to  important for you convert visitors into potential customers ! This tool is so powerful when it comes to increasing companies’ conversion rates — the proportion of how many people go from strangers to contacts and then to buyers — that landing pages have become the philosopher’s stone of Digital Marketing.

And examples of landing pages

However, to be successful in transforming curious people into gold bars, you must know exactly: What is a landing page; How to create  special data a landing page; And examples of landing pages! If your company nes to generate  important for you more leads to explode your revenue forecast, keep reading — you’re in the right guide! The origin of Landing Pages Literally translating “landing pages” from English, I admit that the term loses some of its impact — ” landing pages ” would be the equivalent in Brazil! Although it doesn’t sound as intriguing as the Americaniz version, this literal translation makes sense because.

subscribing to a newsletter or downloading

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A landing page is the page where a visitor “lands” and performs some action , such as filling out a form, making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter or downloading a resource; And the landing page is optimiz in such a way that the  Canada email lead   visitor has no other option than to become a lead or buy one of your products or services! It would be the equivalent of cornering your potential customer, but without negatively coercing them, since the landing page is so well put together that the lead always wins in this exchange! I say “exchange” because, for a visitor to become a lead, they ne to register a direct way to contact them in your database (usually their name, an email address or phone number).

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