How to Improve Office Productivity with Google Apps for Work

How to improve office productivity with google apps for work google offers.  A number of free apps to improve your business organization. One after another, that’s what they are for. Since 2004, google has introduced a number of . Free applications every year to help businesses and individuals in their daily work. From the release of gmail, the browser-based e-mail application.  To google drive, the file storage system.  The mountain view giant has provided us with free tools and features to better . Organize the business, which are under the name of google apps for work. Let’s specify one thing: google offers two application packages. The basic version, completely free and dedicated to users without I, is called google apps.

What do Google Apps offer compared to other office suites

Apps for work and costs 40 € per month per user. New Database  Let’s go into detail… What do google apps offer compared to other office suites (openoffice, microsoft office, etc…)? First of all, they are free, and the paid version still costs less than other software. They do not require any installation.  But only the opening of a google account – free even that and obtainable in a few minutes. But their strength is another: they offer an integrated, cloud-based work environment. What does that mean? That each google app interacts with the other for data exchange and sharing . And files are stored on google’s servers, allowing access from any device at any time. So enough to the uncomfortable usb . Or hard disk flash drives to carry from one side to the other with the risk of forgetting them. 

Let’s see the Google Apps!

The cloud also offers another benefit: the fact that you can collaborate.  Canada Email Lead Simultaneously with your work colleagues.  On the same file and to be able to share it with anyone you prefer. Light your own brand. Let’s talk about it! Imageimage let’s see the google apps! – ready then? Let’s go! For the e-mail to write, view and edit documents . To create forms to fill out to make videoconferences and create business chats.  To store files and documents to annotate ideas.  The use of: it’s the google application to send your email. It is probably the most used google tool. Based on the browser and entirely in the cloud.  It allows you to control mail from any device connected to the internet at any time of the day. Its interface is simple,

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