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social networks, and as such, regulations must be appli This new code is an ethical code, but it is not mandatory, therefore, influencers are not requir to use it. It is the beginning of something good but there is still a lot to do,” highlights the communications director of Room Mate. Regarding gifts from brands to influencers, Yeyo Ballesteros indicates that “they also have tax obligations and therefore, brands should declare them, and even more so when it comes to luxury objects that are very expensive, therefore, brands are oblig to do so.” Influencer Marketing Room Mate affirms that it is very profitable for them

It is true that some work better than others.

 do influencer marketing because it works very well. It is true that some work better than others, but he affirms that they always work with “good, quality influencers”, that is, “influencers who generate returns, who play fair, do not buy followers, do their job well, upload Business Email  List   a quality content, work well with photos and videos, have a strategy, know when to publish and they know how to do it better than anyone. They must be allow total freom but always under a script (the brand must be mention

the background room has to appear

Business Email List

Thus, the background room, breakfast, or whatever is agreupon with them has to appear. Therefore, Lorenzo Ballesteros flatly states that this type of marketing is worth it because it is “very very profitable for brands as long as they work with    quality influencers Canada email lead .” The ideal thing when you do a launch campaign for a product or a brand is to do a mix between both (influencers and micro influencers). Work with very well segment micro influencers, who speak well about a topic, in the case of Room

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