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Look for new customers in the neighborhood

Easy. No-frills access to regular news and updates. That.S why this daily newsletter. Which features just a header image and zero distractions. Is so good. Mium.S audience doesn.T want copious images or flashy gifs. And that.S fine. Award for : getting to the point 31. Moz top 10 moz great newsletter examples – moz top 10 screenshot of lyfe marketing one of  Look for new the easiest and best ways to publish a daily/weekly/biweekly newsletter. Without dicating half your life to writing it? Care of the content! Take this great example in moz.S top ten.

Relevant content from around the internet

Which pulls (aka curates) excellent. Relevant  Country Email List content from around the internet. And pairs it with short descriptions to deliver content that is vari. Useful. And scannable. Not to mention a huge value to moz.S audience. Award for : care of the content 32. Secret escapes great examples of newsletters-secret escapes screenshot by pure360 the holidays are a great opportunity for brands to tap into society.S collective good cheer and nostalgia. Which is why we love this newsletter campaign from secret escapes: a take on the traditional advent calendar.

Getting plenty of belly laughs

country email list

Because while you might not think a travel    Canada email lead brand could swing the winter holidays to their advantage. Everyone stays home for the holidays. Right? – use their 25 days of christmas (and the scarcity of a flash deal) to offer attractive travel deals. Every day. Award for : holiday tie-in 33. Teavana teavana newsletter examples-teavana screenshot of venngage we.Re big suckers for a good pun (note: a good pun). And when it fits the brand. Pun is one of our favorite types of copy. Teavana does this wonderfully. Getting plenty of belly laughs as she delivers her message.

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